Kaya Bernadeta 3


Area: Antriol
Type: Residences
Price: $ 190,500
Unique code: ANKB3
Number of rooms: 3
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Doors: Wood
Doorframes: Wood
Windows: Aluminum
Floors: 1
Size of house: App. 136 m2
Size of lot: 836 m2
Land: Long Lease
State of repair: Good
Year Built: 2000
Facilities: Garage, Porches, Kitchen, Airconditioning, Electricity, Water, Cesspool, T.V., Telephone, Internet, Roof: corrugated eternit

Kaya Bernadeta 3

This charming house situated in a local neighborhood of Bonaire has a carport at the front and a covered porch.

Before you enter the living room we pass first beautiful French doors.

The living room has an open kitchen.

On the left side of the house are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. On the back of the house is also a covered porch. In the backyard you’ll find a shed where you can put your washing machine, but there is enough storage space for other stuff.

The garden needs to be laid out but there are a plenty of possibilities such as the construction of two apartments.