If you consider to offer your house for sale, Bonaireal Estate can and will give you the necessary guidance and advice to sell your house in the proper manner.

Independent advice

Bonaireal Estate works by order of the seller, but may (if the buyer so desires) also contact an independent advisor, who may guide the buyer with the purchase. This advisor has no bond with Bonaireal Estate and is neither a broker.

There is for the seller also the possibility to have an independent technical report drawn up, so that the buyer knows what he buys and there will be no problems for the seller with respect to the state of the property sold is in. In Holland such a report is quite normal and is drawn up by a constructional expert by order of the buying party. Unfortunately a technical report is not yet customary in Bonaire.

Sale “ in construction”

In case you have a parcel of land and wish to build a house on it, Bonaireal Estate can guide you from A to Z. Bonaireal Estate draws, builds and sells your object during construction.


Bonaireal Estate has several projects which are offered for sale. She has several building lots of project developers in her portfolio. Bonaireal Estate can guide you with making floor plans, selecting contractors and exercise the supervision during the construction. Contact us free of obligation.


In case you wish to finance your house to be bought, then Bonaireal Estate can be of assistance to you. Bonaireal Estate has contacts with all banks in Bonaire. You should reckon, however, with the fact that there is not much variety in loans In Bonaire. At the moment there are only mortgages on the basis of annuity, linear and life insurance, but the banks are already busy developing other varieties.

Let Bonaireal Estate request an offer without obligation.


Bonaireal Estate may mediate free of charge for you in all kinds of insurance, such as for instance: building, home contents, car and/or life insurance.


Bonaireal Estate has objects available for short and long term letting. The supply of the long term (more than 1 year) is rare.

In short time letting ( less than 1 year) more is possible, as the house owners are always present themselves for a few months per year and the house is let for the rest of the year. Long term letting is therefore relatively cheaper than short time letting.

Judicial advice

Bonaireal Estate has 25 year of experience in the notarial field. Also in the field of private law problems, Bonaireal Estate may offer advice to everybody, or try and solve a dispute between parties as neutral mediator. One might think of neighbours’ quarrels, dividing an inheritance and divisions after divorce.

It is also the right address for drawing up purchase agreements and purchase and contracting agreements.

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Bonaireal Estate can give you the necessary guidance and advice to sell your house in the proper manner.
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